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Retreat Testimonials

My husband Wayne was going through some retreat files this morning and came out of his office with a tear in the corner of his eye. He handed me some handwritten testimonials from our retreats. I read them too and it made me feel emotional as well. There is nothing more satisfying and heartfelt than knowing we can effect someone's life in such a positive way.

I have converted the some of the handwritten to a document to share with all of you in the hope that it might enable you to take a step forward and join us at the next retreat. We just want to give you the tools to stay healthy and live and empowering life.

How do you feel about changing you life? These testimonials might give you the energy to do just that. If you want more information about the retreat go to our website or call Kristine 0406 535 075

♥ “I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here at your retreat. It has all been totally amazing. You are a beautiful inspiring couple, doing great work. You have given me what I needed to make the necessary changes in my life.

PS: You make the best desserts on the planet”. Love and best wishes always. Anne Lindeberg.

♥ “What a wonderful experience! I felt as if I was in a different world, a better world. Thank you beautiful people.” Sylvia Trofimiuk

♥ “Love and Blessings to both Kristine and Wayne and your amazing team for providing a magical weekend in such a beautiful place – it’s heaven on earth, truly!!. I love the fact that you keep the groups intimate as it expresses a family experience and an opportunity to get to know each other. Thank yu for an experience that I will take with me into my family and healing circle and I know I will use all the information I have learnt in these 4 days. The food truly wonderful, tasty, colourful, very nutritious and your Italian dishes are so close the authentic. I can’t wait to make them for my family and friends”. Angela Li.

♥ “I found the whole experience brought me into the now moment. An amazing and inspiring weekend. Thank you so much for all your love that is so in everything that you do and present. I feel blessed to have given myself this opportunity. Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you. Thank you also Donna – what a joy she is. Good laughs also!!” Annie Wheeling

♥ “Wonderful weekend with wonderful people! Thank you all so very much, We will see you again” Mick and Kay.

♥ “I think it is incredible how 3 nights the retreat provides you with all the tools to really make fundamental improvement to your life. This Life Transforming retreat is a multifaceted attack on improving your health and wellbeing and I feel very privileged to have been able to live amongst such and inspiring crew. Thank so much Wayne, Kris and Donna” xxxxx Mandy.

♥ “I could not imagine having a better experience in order to start reclaiming my health. The care and nurturing that Krissy and Wayne provide, live and breathe extends to all. The food is absolutely gourmet and the whole experience is inspirational. Thank you so much Krissy, Wayne and Donna” Pam McGibbon.

“‘I believe Kristine and Wayne Matheson’s program should be compulsory for all beings on this planet to attend. This is how we should all be living if we are to raise ourselves to a higher conscious awareness. It has a focus on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual planes and puts us back into the driver’s seat of our own quality of life. A must for all all.’ Michelle Jones-Wilkinson

♥ ‘Excellent food, service, exercise, meditation, health and healing content and overall presentation. You guys know what you are doing. The feeling of total relaxation. Feel very good inside right NOW’!! Amanda Pettit Doonan

♥ ‘Just wanted to thank you for opening my mind about health. You have helped to change my life and I am so grateful for that. I’m excited to start my new life and to hopefully start to change my friends and families lives as well. Definitely want to come back’. Susannah Craig

♥ ‘The weekend was more than I expected. I liked learning a little on meditation and clearing the mind. If I was ever lucky enough to win lotto it would be spent helping you set up your own retreat’. Kevin Laing

♥“Just to say thanks for making me welcome at the retreat last weekend. What a beautiful place.. and it was lovely to get to know yourself and Wayne. I gathered some good information and was wowed by your delicious raw food Krissy every day I am a foodie/cook and really appreciated all the love and thought gone into it all. Thank you. Wayne, I got the stretchy bands out this morning and showed my exercise partner a few of your moves, also thanks for the lovely walks along the beach. After your retreat I’ve returned to practising meditation thanks to Donna and Wayne re awakening my hunger for spirit…… thank you. I wanted to go home the first few days as ‘that was’ my pattern (and something my parents did!!!) fright and flight so I’m glad I stayed and worked through it. It taught me a lesson that I can actually do that!! Stick around and things work out.. Haha, so easy when you know eh. Thanks to you all for your genuinely caring input. Sue Hamilton

♥ ‘The concept of the workshop is brilliant and the content delivered with real passion (which is important). I liked the positive energy amongst the group, the quality of the food and the fact that I could de-stress, relax and forget about work’. Colleen Forness

“Hands down, the best retreat I have ever been to and I have been to many. It is a perfect combination of leisure, relaxation, educational immersion, and exceptional outstanding food! So many aspects to enjoy and just absorb in a healthy relaxed environment. Can’t wait to join another retreat”. Gabrielle Allen.

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