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The clock is ticking for me to close the books

Hi Everyone

The clock is ticking for me to close the books for the last raw food class for this year.

So if you have been thinking you would like to join me in my home for the September 28th class. Please give me a call we do have only a few spots left. M: 0406 535 075

This is a very comprehensive class and worth taking time to learn and enjoy.

My classes are unique and I do cover a wide range of foods and techniques. xx 'Food is Medicine'

Learn delicious & healthy recipes, basics of plant based nutrition, 100% natural super foods and how to introduce more raw and highly nutritious food into your diet. This class includes preparation, copious amounts of sit down food tastings, lunch and a recipe booklet to give you confidence to start experimenting as soon as you get home!

You will learn how to balance your body’s nutritional needs with raw food and the added advantage of learning to make winter warmers

The menu includes, raw soup, sushi/rolls, spaghetti/lasagne, Mexican tacos, ravioli, canapes, various sauces, dips and delicious desserts.

It’s everyone’s dream to enjoy delicious cakes, and healthy chocolate with a clear conscience and without gaining weight.

On this course you will learn how to create highly nutritious and super tasty desserts.

All dishes are 100% gluten, dairy, sugar and artificial stuff FREE, and made from the very best whole, live and organic ingredients.

For reservations and more information Class is being held on the Gold Coast. Please contact: Kristine Matheson Small Intimate Class E: Date: Saturday, 28th September, 2019 M: 0406 535 074 Time: 10am-4pm

Group and Couples Discounts Available

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