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Vegan Thyroid and Amazing Kelp

One of the things that we, who choose a vegan lifestyle needs to be mindful of is our B12 levels, not to mention our iodine levels. Insufficient iodine in our diet can result can result in lowered thyroxine secretion by the thyroid gland. Thyroxine regulates body growth and metabolism. As this hormone also regulates estrogen production. Iodine deficiency is known to result in excessive estrogen production, which may contribute to the development of breast cancer. Kelp has a wealth of most minerals, vitamin A, B12 (rarely found in vegetables C, D, E & K, plus it is a complete protein. From my research, kelp is particularly helpful women who experience excessive menstrual difficulties. I use kelp products such as wakame, arame and dulse sea vegetables in many of my recipes. Besides the recipes - see one below, it is recommended to take 1/2 to 2 teaspoons of kelp granules daily or 2-3 tablets a day. Kelp is also known for its high alkalinity levels. You can also add dulse to a juice or a smoothie. One of the my recipes that is a favorite, not only at my retreats and raw food classes. It is also a good one to serve your family. Just do not tell them it is raw until they eat them. Some children, especially teenagers will turn their nose up at the idea of raw. Ha!

Ingredients: 2 nori sheets 1 avocado finely sliced 1 finely sliced small red onion 1 finely sliced roma tomato Handful of coleslaw with homemade vegan mayo 1 piece of ginger finely grated or raw pickled ginger Heaps of sprouts Mayonnaise vegan and sugar free Parsnip rice

Parsnip or cauliflower rice

2 cups peeled and roughly chopped parsnip 1/8 cup macadamias 3 tbl pine nuts 1/2 tbl olive oil 1/2 tsp lemon juice 1/2 tsp Celtic or Himalayan salt 1 tsp white miso

  • Place all ingredients except the pine nuts in a food processor and pulse until a rice-like consistency is achieved.

  • Add pine nuts and process some more.

To assemble

  • Place nori sheets shiny side down on a clean cutting board and/or bamboo mat.

  • Spoon a generous rice mixture on the sheets and spread evenly across third of it, leaving 1 inch space at the bottom edge.

  • Load up all the remaining vegetable, sprouts and a little mayonnaise onto each sheet and fold from the bottom of the sheet up using the bamboo mat or your fingers – I personally get a better result using my fingers.

  • Wet the top of the nori sheet with a little water to seal the roll, and then cut into two.


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