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I am so blessed to have received many testimonials over the years - they make my heart sing.

Here is a just a few that are in the second edition of my book From Cancer to Wellness: the forgotten secrets.

I just wanted to say a big thank you for your wonderful book. It was my Mum’s Bible during her bowel cancer healing back in 2013 and it was also my Bible during my own uterine cancer journey 2016 to 2017. Thank you, thank you for the supplement section which I found especially useful. I am cancer free, and so is my Mum. I have your book and I have recommended it to so many people. Much love and light to you — big hugs.

Radhika Ragini Nanala, London, United Kingdom

On behalf of the world and myself I want to express more gratitude to you and Wayne than I could have ever previously imagined. By following the protocols in your book, your emails and the principles you showed us in the Health Retreat, I have gone from immediately needing a radical prostectomy to cut out the cancer to having no sign of cancer in my body. By following the food and nutrition protocols in your book, I have not only eliminated the cancer but have also received numerous other health benefits. I am feeling the best I have felt for years. The arthritis has cleared up enormously and the upset stomach no longer occurs. I have made it through winter so far without any illness while people around me seem to be dropping like flies.

Ross Edwards, Victoria, Australia

I believe Kristine’s program should be compulsory for all beings on this planet. This is how we all should be living if we are to raise ourselves to a higher level of conscious awareness. It has a focus on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual plane and puts us back into the driver’s seat of our own quality of life. A must for all.

Michele Jones-Wilkinson, author of Live your best life

I have known Kristine Matheson for approximately 28 years, both as a trusted friend and a business associate.

I first met Kris and husband Wayne through the building industry. Wayne was a very dedicated builder and Kristine a very artistic and dedicated interior designer. Kris is also a very talented artist. Kris left no stone unturned and close enough wasn’t good enough, everything had to be perfect and so it was. They both won awards for their expertise and dedication to the building industry.

Kris was always studying natural therapies and always willing to help others in need. I was struggling with menopause severely and Kristine put me on the right track and fortunately surgery was avoided.

When their lives took another turn and Kris was diagnosed with stage IV melanoma, Kris took on the battle of her life. She is the most inspirational woman I have ever met and her compassion for others and her professional optimism never ceases to amaze me. She is a true blessing to everyone who has the good fortune to meet her.

Kris’s book From Cancer to Wellness is wonderful and I like to call it my ‘Bible to good health’. Whenever I speak to Kris I feel uplifted and I truly hope her hard work and compassion is rewarded.

Karen Fullarton, Carrara, Queensland

I was in Australia fundraising for the Olivia Newton-John Cancer and Wellness Centre and someone gave me a book to read called From Cancer to Wellness: the forgotten secrets. I couldn’t put it down. It was written by Kristine Matheson. I was so impressed with her book and her thoughts on raw food that I immediately asked her to contribute some of her recipes to Livwise.

Olivia Newton-John, singer, actress, author of Livwise Cookbook

Hi Kristine and congratulations! I wanted to say well done! Also I wanted to tell you I have done the things you mentioned on your web page and no longer have multiple sclerosis lesions on my brain. Well done on getting your message out there! God bless!

Danelle Filby

I first met Kristine Matheson through a Health and Fitness program with a group that I attended for three months. I was extremely stressed, had very high blood pressure and high cholesterol. I previously had surgery for malignant breast cancer and also suffered a prolapsed disc in my lower back, which happened 14 years ago and prevented me from doing all forms of exercise. Of course, this resulted in my weight gain and made my conditions worse.

Kristine was my mentor and my friend. She guided me, an unconfident sick woman, with nutritional advice and knowledge. She was loving and caring and was unconditionally there for me through my struggle to get well, as well as helping me to lose weight to improve my conditions. She spent hours giving me counselling and just talking. Because of Kris’s help I now have normal blood pressure, know how to manage my back and believe it or not I am walking, jogging, and exercising. WOW. I am more confident in myself and don’t have stress in my life.

Kris is a ‘woman of substance’ who never ever turns anyone down when they need to talk, or need counselling, or help and support with illnesses, particularly cancer. Her passion is helping anyone who needs her.

The last few years have been tough on Kris as she has had cancer herself. She cured herself of stage IV melanoma. She wrote her book From Cancer to Wellness. She has had to be there for her parents who were extremely ill. Unfortunately, her Dad passed away in December 2009, but while going through all this, she never turned anyone away who needed her. She is a bright light and a shining star, an angel. She deserves recognition. Her dedication will never stop. Thank you, Kris. You have given my life back to me.

Joy Clarke, Gold Coast, Queensland

Kristine Matheson was my mentor and trainer for a weight loss challenge I did for a significant time in 2010. Kristine far exceeded the call of duty in every way in mentoring and leading me and a number of others through this course.

She gave wholeheartedly of her time, experience, and money she could have been earning (as she charged nothing). It was all from her heart and her never- ending generosity.

My life was dramatically affected by the exercise and nutrition challenge I was on. I am on medication for a depressive illness and my medication is being redirected for the better as a result of knowing Krissy. Her story and life is inspirational.

Sarah King, Gold Coast, Queensland

Kristine Matheson, I couldn’t let today pass without giving my heartfelt thanks and gratitude to everyone that has made such a difference in my life these past five years. The universe blessed me with good fortune when it directed me to your book. I picked it up, and it’s the only one that resonated with me and ‘felt right’ in my gut. It wasn’t until I got home that I discovered you were a melanoma survivor and Gold Coast based too! Your bible gave me the hope and confidence I needed to keep moving forward each day·

Joel Grace, Sunshine Colonics, Sunshine Coast, Queensland

I have known Kristine since 2002, both professionally and personally. Kris is a lady who walks her talk. Over this time, she has helped countless people change their diet and lifestyle to become healthy and well. Kris’s main focus is in helping her clients overcome cancer and other chronic diseases through her raw food, meditation and fitness strategies. I have personally witnessed clients go from sick and depressed to well and happy by following her regimes. For anyone who is struggling with their health I highly recommend you contact Kristine.

Donna Louise Attard, B. Psych. Natural Holistic Therapy Practitioner, Gold Coast, Queensland

Dear Krissy, thank you so much for such a fabulous experience this past weekend, and for the tireless work you are doing. I found the retreat to be everything and more than I expected. The food was absolutely out of this world, Krissy. You have an amazing gift to be able to create raw food that looks and is gourmet to the highest standards. I would love to see any chef around the world come up with any similar recipes and see how they manage. The venue was superb. I didn’t know that any place like that existed, especially on a small intimate scale, and which had everything one needs for your retreat. My quest today is to go and get the foods for our Candida program and rid the pantry of all the unwanted ingredients! Many thanks again for a fabulous weekend.

Pam & Richard McGibbon, Melbourne, Victoria

Kristine has had a massive positive influence on many of my customers. We prepare a lot of nutritional and natural medicines and her input and advice has helped my customers get a better perspective on life and make them feel like they make a difference in the world.

Everyone who meets her understands what she has been through and how she is using this knowledge to change people’s lives. On many occasions, Kristine has spent hours on the phone to my customers offering assistance and reassurance in their time of need. Many of Kristine’s friends who have been diagnosed with cancer and felt like they had nothing left to do but get their affairs in order had a life-changing experience after they met Kristine and truly believe that they can get through this troubling time. Through her work with cancer sufferers, and her nutritional and holistic approach to health, Kristine continues to affect people in every way imaginable.

Jack Hammond, Compound Pharmacist, Mermaid Beach, Queensland

What an amazing lady Kris Matheson is. She gives tirelessly of herself, her time, her knowledge and her compassion. She works with the sick, the ailing and those who need spiritual and emotional support. She goes out of her way to research any additional information to help those in need. She gives of her time endlessly to help others. Her support for those in need is a lifeline when most need a helping hand. I have been one of those people.

Ren Haley, Elanora, Queensland

Hello Kristine, I have started reading your book after first learning about it on Channel Seven in Adelaide. I cannot put it down… it is really opening my eyes to nutrition. Your book is a particularly good read and I will use it as a guide. I will also bring it to the attention of my (Freemasons) Lodge. We are particularly interested in aspects of health and I know a couple of our members are ill, or have loved ones suffering from health issues. I am sure that they will be interested in buying your book.

Brian Matthews, Western Australia

Hello Kristine and Wayne, now that some time has passed we wanted to say a huge thank you to you both for all the information you shared with us on the retreat weekend in September. You were so generous with your time and never minded the hundreds of questions we all kept asking. Since coming home things have been very different for us. We have been following your raw food program and have not looked back. We are feeling so much better on the inside, sleeping better and are more energized now. We have worked hard to find a better balance. The most noticeable change is how we look. People are noticing and asking us what we are doing as we look so great. Glenn has lost 10kg and I have lost 18kg and still dropping. We are not trying to lose weight. It’s just falling off us.

The great thing is that I (Linda) don’t feel like I am on a diet. I have changed my way of life. We don’t measure or weigh anything based around calories which I have done so many times in the past. I never feel guilty about anything I put into my mouth. I know it’s all good for me. I have not missed sugar and don’t crave chocolate or lollies anymore. Glenn is not as strict as me. He is still drinking his one coffee per day and has his red wine at night but is eating what I eat. When we first got back from the retreat, we had a morning tea at work for a staff member who was leaving. There were all the usual things there that people love, including cream cakes and party pies. I walked into the room and my initial thought was, ‘OMG these people are killing themselves!’ That’s the difference you have made to me.

Each day we thank our lucky stars that we met you both. Thanks again for sharing all your knowledge. You are both very special people. Enjoy 2016. We hope our paths cross again someday. If you are ever in Geelong we would love to see you.

Linda and Glenn Perkins, Highton, Victoria

In the beginning of 2010 when I was diagnosed with cancer I purchased a book called ‘From cancer to wellness — the forgotten secrets’ and my journey began. I rang Kristine and I found that she couldn’t help enough and I felt positive that I would be able to get through this. Last year was one of the most difficult years of my life. Kristine showed me nothing but kindness and supported me when I didn’t think I had the strength to keep going. She even invited me into her home and looked after me till I got back on my feet. I am now cancer free. She truly does walk her talk as they say.

Her kindness and determination to help all those that have been dealt such a cruel hand is unwavering. She absolutely glows when she hears that someone has beaten their cancer. She is an outstanding human being and definitely an inspiration to me. Thank you for taking the time to read my letter.

Ingrid Weber, Palm Beach, Queensland

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