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Strength Training & Women's Self Protection

It is becoming more and more important that women need to decrease their chance of being a victim in a violent crime. These strength training and self protection classes include instruction and practice techniques to deal with any aggressor who is usually physically stronger than you.

Your instructor, Wayne Matheson has over 40 years experience as a Black Belt in Judo/Jujitsu together with being a Accredited Coach, Licensed Examiner, Level 3 Exercise Professional, Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach, Registered Older Adults Trainer, Rehabilitation Trainer, Pilates Instructor, Registered Group Fitness Instructor and Mind/Body Coach.

Fitness and Experience:

· These classes are suitable for all ages and all levels of fitness

· You will be asked to fill out a medical questionnaire prior to the class so that Wayne is prepared for any conditions you may have when you attend.

What to Bring and What to Wear:

· Gym Attire

· Towel

· Water


· Wayne runs friendly group sessions at the PCYC Monaco Street Broadbeach (call us for day and times) min 8 people.

· He also specialises in one on one Private Fitness and/or Combo Fitness and Self Protection sessions indoor or outdoor.


· Group Sessions minimum of 8 people $15 per session - First class FREE.

· Contact Wayne or Kristine to book an introductory one on one private training session and FREE consultation.

Your classes will include and not limited to:

· Fostering and Promoting Fitness and Strength

· Ground Defence

· Standing Techniques

· Motivation

· Legalities

· Situation Avoidance

· Mind Body Connection

Wayne's passion has always been to provide an informative and professional training environment. His personalised programming for all areas of your body. Strengthening of the whole body and forming new muscle mass to protect your bones and to live well longer.

For more details and bookings

Call Kristine or Wayne 0406 535 075

Method of Payment: 10 Sessions Minimum for Group Training.

(One free session altogether 11 sessions).

Direct Debit

Credit Card/Visa

Cash/Cheque in Advance

Weekly Direct Debit - Minimum of 10 sessions.

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