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Sadly only 1% of people will do this or even read this article!

According to my research and experience viruses cannot live in an alkaline body.

I would like to quote Dr Sircus who says what I know is correct - again from my 20 years experience plus and recovering from a diagnosis of terminal cancer in 2005 using ONLY Natural Protocols. One of these protocols, is remaining alkaline.

"Health officials would deprive us of most everything that will help us, seemingly wanting the world to suffer while demanding we wait for a vaccine, which may or may not work. If it is anything like the regular flu vaccine it will not work.

In the context of this global pandemic, the active censorship of alternative treatments is a crime, a sadness of lost purpose to the true mission of all practitioners of the healing arts.

The fact that most viruses and all physiological processes in the body are pH sensitive is one of them."

It has been a long journey for myself over the years supporting people with cancer and the most traumatic for me is to watch those I know and those I love still think the medical industry know what they are doing in the area of viruses, chronic illness particularly cancer.

Why do people still, and knowing it has only a 3% survival rate post 5 years still let their body be used like this. I am sick of hearing that the oncologist told them it was a rare form of cancer of a most aggressive one so they must subject themselves to this demoralising treatment.

I have always stood by my experience with not only my own success in overcoming cancer, but also the experience of others who have followed the steps of keeping the body alkaline 100% of the time to beat their health issues.

I dedicated my 2nd edition of From Cancer to Wellness: the forgotten secrets to the many health seekers who had the awareness and higher insight into true healing. These wonderful people realised that good health does not come from a Pill, Potion or Miracle Lotion. Therefore they have been willing participants in helping themselves successfully heal by using the protocols in my book.

The food and drink we consume is either alkaline or acid-forming. The more acid our body, the more susceptible we are to disease and ill health. 'An acidic body does not absorb vitamins, minerals and other nutrients and reduces our ability to repair cells. Cancer, viruses and chronic illness thrives in an acidic body. On the other hand, an alkaline body heals and repairs cells and absorbs nutrition. Cancer also hates oxygen, and if the body is alkaline the body is more oxygenated; therefore cancer cells cannot survive.

Not only do the foods and liquids we eat and drink determine pH levels, so does stress and pollution.

All pharmaceutical drugs, artificial sweeteners, tobacco, caffeine, processed food and beverages are highly acidic. All products need to be organic/chemical-free to avoid pesticides which are acid forming.

So what foods should you eat to stay alkaline? Most raw fruits and vegetables metabolize in the body, leaving an alkaline residue. If we eat 80% raw and 20% cooked food, drink plenty of alkaline water, and reduce stress, you will remain alkaline.

Drinking lemon juice first thing in the morning with warm (not hot) water opens all the little capillaries in the digestive system in readiness to absorb nutrition. Limes are as good as lemons.

Super foods, such as the greens contained in powders like Miessence Deep Green Alkalizing Super-food, are alkaline-forming in the body and so help reduce acidity. Lactates found in cultured foods such as sauerkraut also reduce acidity.

The body must have a pH reading between 7.35–7.45 in order to be alkaline. This is a safe range for healing. Too much acidity kills. Too much alkalinity (over 8.1) may cause health problems; remaining too alkaline for a long period of time can kill too. It is important to your health to keep a balance.

How do you test your pH?

Put some saliva on a piece of pH paper (best is a pH reel), commonly known as a pH test kit.

Wait thirty seconds and compare the colour of the paper with the colour of the scale on the pH paper dispenser.

You need to do this when you wake up before eating or drinking.

Test again two hours after breakfast.

You can also test just before going to bed. Again, this should be done two hours after eating or drinking. (Water is OK to consume).

I recommend you buy a pH paper test kit reel from your local pharmacy, drugstore, or health food store.' www.cancertowellness:com - From Cancer to Wellness: the forgotten secrets Page 41 - Are You Alkaline or Acid? List of foods if you download the the kindle version from amazon or you can purchase the paperback too.

So I hope more than one percent of you will take this to heart and live your life with good health practices.

I also hope that there will not be idiots out there accusing me of 'Just trying to sell a book' - to you who are that unaware, please, wake-up. If it where not for the many natural health passionate people like myself then many lives would not have been saved - including me. It might only be 1 percent of you, but the 1 percent is what keeps me doing what I do.

I wrote my book back in 2009, realising that whilst I was creating my own protocols in 2005 due to the fact that no one person worldwide had put a step by step handbook together to help people naturally recover from cancer. The rest is history. It has not made me financially stable - as a matter of fact quite the opposite. I do have a drive to get these fact out to 1 Million people by the end of this year. Any money I earn from this will go back into helping and supporting others, not to mention make things a little more stable for my family so I can keep supporting others.

Many blessings to the amazing one percent.

Kristine Matheson

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