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Raw Caramel Mudcake

Yesterday was my 70th Birthday - so as requested from my lunch family and friends I made the birthday cake. This is because I do yummy raw treats......

So here is the recipes: More recipes that you will love are in my Kristine Matheson's Holistic Wellness Recipe Book.


1-cup macadamias

2/3 cup almonds (previously soaked for one hour)

6-8 soft pitted dates

1-tsp pure vanilla essence

  • Process All the ingredient in the Food Processor

  • Sprinkle coconut onto the bottom of 8 or 9 inch spring form pan. This is to prevent sticking

  • Press mixture evenly into the bottom of the pan then put into the freezer whilst you are making the filling

Caramel filling

3 cups cashews – soak overnight or minimum of 4 hours

1 cup almond milk

2/3 cup melted cacao butter

1/3 cup coconut oil

1/4 cup almond butter

2-tbls lecithin

1-cup apricots – soak overnight or a minimum of 4 hours

1 vanilla pod or 1-tsp pure vanilla essence

1/8 water

1/8 cup agave

  • Place all ingredients into the blender leaving the cacao and lecithin to last

  • Pour mixture onto piecrust.

  • Remove any air bubbles by tapping the pan on a table.

  • Place in freezer until firm.

  • Add caramel sauce – see below

  • Place back into freezer until ready to defrost

  • Remove whole pie and place on a serving platter

  • Add some slivered almonds/and or chopped almonds to decorate plus whatever else you would like to add on top to make it a celebration cake.

  • Place in refrigerator to defrost and ready to serve.

Caramel sauce

2 cups soft dates

1 cup agave

1/2 cup coconut oil

1 tbls almond butter

  • Place all ingredients into the blender until smooth and smooth over frozen cake.

  • Place in freezer until ready to serve

  • Decorate with a few chopped almonds and any nuts of choice

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