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Raw Food & Meditation Retreat Q & A

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

I wanted to share with you some of the advantages of spending 4 days with us at the Southern end of the Great Barrier Reef Queensland: Beautiful and Stunning Bargara

This amazing relaxing place where you can not only relax whilst learning, your body will do a gentle detox and send you home glowing inside and out.

We have been blessed to connect with our guests, on a body mind and spirit level for over 8 years now. This is such a passion of ours and watching everyone transform over 4 days is most heartfelt.

If you are in need of healing, have a family member or friend that could benefit from this, or if you want to prevent illness, be stress free and wish to live a healthier invigorating life then this retreat is for you. I will let you know the point of difference with us too. Our menu will also follow on at the end of this.

Join us, October 25-28th, 2019 for 3 nights, 4 days for a Life Transforming Raw Food and Meditation Retreat where we walk alongside you, to heal and open your mind, body, and Soul. You will be deep-diving into your own healing journey via nourishing raw foods, meditation, breathing and stress management techniques, Pilates, and functional movement. There will be plenty of s-p-a-c-e to breathe, rest, and to soak up this beautiful retreat space at the Southern End of the Great Barrier Reef.

The Ocean is calling. Do you hear her?

You will leave our time together changed.

You will be clear.

You will leave inspired to take the steps necessary to live THE life you love.

“Hands down, the best retreat I have ever been to and I have been to many. It is a perfect combination of leisure, relaxation, educational immersion, and exceptional outstanding food! So many aspects to enjoy and just absorb in a healthy relaxed environment. Can’t wait to join another retreat”. Gabrielle Allen.

Here is some questions and answers for you:

Q What do we eat at the retreat? A We eat 100% organic raw food - All vegan, and all gluten free, See menu at the end of this email. Raw Food is not just a piece of lettuce and tomato - We know how to balance your body with the right nutrients.

Q Where do we sleep? A There are luxury apartments that you will share with other guests. Each apartment has 2 bedrooms. If you are a couple you will be provided with a king size bed. If you come with a friends you will have a room to share in a twin share room with separate beds. If you wish to have a room by yourself, then you will have to pay a little more for this. If you are open to sharing with a new friend this will be twin share too.

Q Where is the retreat being held? A Absolute Beach Front at Bargara. Bargara is a coastal town and suburb in the Bundaberg Region, Queensland, Australia and just 13 kilometres east of Bundaberg. No need to leave Australia. We have the best of everything here.

Q How do I get there? A Either drive or fly into Bundaberg Airport. From there with catch a cab or airport bus. About 15 mins by car.

Q Can we learn how to meditate? A Yes, this retreat is not only for experienced people in the area of meditation, it is also for beginners. We have experts in this area. Wayne has had over 40 years experience in teaching many forms of meditation. Donna Louise Attard is a clinical hypnotherapist and councillor, She is an experienced meditation teacher having run both private and group classes for the past 25 years, including Gold Coast Mental Health. She has also run a number of meditation programs in local schools, both for the students and teachers. Donna produces her own range of hypnotherapy and meditation CDs which are distributed nationally and internationally.

Q Is there going to be too much learning? A At the retreat, we will balance out the learning with relaxation. Free massage for every guest. You will be in the capable hands of Alora Waldron and her team of specialist using only organic products. Alora is the owner of Organic Living and Co-Founder of Soul Voice and is an Intuitive healer at Soul Full Filled Living.

You will have free time to just relax in between our very important education healing lectures. You can have a spa, a massage, swim in the mineral pool or just kick back by reading a book by the sea.

Q What exercise do you do? A Every morning you will join Wayne for Tai Chi/Walking Pilates down the beach. He will show you how to gain from the benefits of good posture, pelvic floor and core strength alignment, loosening procedures, functional movement, breathing techniques, benefits of safe aerobic exercises and fun aerobics to music. Wayne has over 40 years as a coach and personal trainer. He with me have been competition ballroom dancers and winners in our category of Latin dance. Wayne, whilst doing he Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy has been a student of Myotherapy. His qualifications are extensive in the area of health and fitness. He also specialises in rehabilitation.

Q Do we do mind/body techniques? A Yes, Wayne will go through dreams, affirmations, mantras for health and show you through the workshop of the mind how to do mental imaging and much more. Donna takes you through self hypnotherapy, finishing with a meditation. You will also have time with Jen Gallagher who will do Emotional Clearing with Essential Oils.

Q Do we have any other guest speakers? A Yes, we have Alora Waldron. She will not only be facilitating the massages for the weekend, her knowledge on organics will keep you inspired when she is presenting.

Q Do we get to drink alcohol? A No - this is a completely alcohol and drug free environment.

Q Is the retreat private? A Yes, completely private. We create an environment that is safe and very family orientated. ''We Are All One".

Q Is it a religious based weekend? A It is spiritually based and we respect, honour and recognise all religions.

Q Is this retreat for everyone? A I can answer this by one of the testimonials written by one of our previous guests:

“I believe Kristine's program should be compulsory for all beings on this planet. This is how we all should be living if we are to raise ourselves to a higher level of conscious awareness. It has a focus on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual plane and puts us back into the driver’s seat of our own quality of life. A must for all” Michele Jones-Wilkinson author “Live your best life”

Q When is the next retreat? A Friday 25th October - Monday 28th October, 2019

Q What time do we arrive and what time does it finish on Monday? A All guest can arrive by 1.00 pm Friday. If your plane comes in earlier than that, you are welcome to arrive earlier and take in the ambience and the beauty of the beach etc. On Monday, 10 am is usually the departing time, arrangements can be made for a later departure if necessary.

Q What is the cost? A $2,250 per person twin share.

Q Is everything included? A Yes - it is all inclusive:

  • All Organic Meals: based on raw food - breakfast, lunch, dinner.

  • All luxury Accommodation.

  • Educational Health Lectures.Lifestyle and Wellness Training.

  • Stress Relief Techniques.

  • Mental Dynamics Health Education.

  • Physical/Emotional/Mental Healing Meditations.

  • Daily beach walks, functional movement techniques & Pilates/Tai chi.Daily fitness classes including posture,loosening procedures, stretching and cardio.

  • Emotional Healing Techniques.

  • Food as medicine’ with Kristine Matheson‘

  • Gut Health’ with Kristine Matheson.

  • Free Kristine's Recipe Book

  • Free Massage or Facial

Q What else can you discover? A You will be able to participate in and discover the following and not limited to:

  • Eliminate stress and anxiety - 5 minute techniques.

  • Increase natural energy, inspiration and vitality.

  • Derail food addictions that lead to disease and obesity – no fad diets.

  • Lose weight safely maintaining nutritional balance.

  • Gain confidence to prepare quick, easy and nourishing gourmet meals for good health.

  • Stimulate mental alertness for success.

  • Improve your skin’s integrity.

  • Improve your digestion – no more stomach aches or bloating.

  • Become empowered to become successful.

  • Scientific dynamics of the mind, clarity of the mind, success & health.

  • Gentle Exercise for revitalising energy and life extension.

  • Learn how to overcome or prevent chronic disease permanently.

  • Increase your immunity.

  • Emotional healing techniques for mental balance and stability.

  • Connect with your inner spirituality.

  • Easy anti-aging protocols to gain an understanding of why aging is a mistake?

Below is the weekend raw food menu:


Upon Arrival

Pina Colada


Raw Pizza Raw Apple Cake with Tangy Lemon Icing.



Fruit Salad with a selection of raw ground nuts, herbs, coconut oil, cashew cream,

Mid morning

Fresh Coconut Water & Demonstration


Raw Nori Rolls, Raw Pickled Ginger Miso Soup Coleslaw with cashew dressing Raw Chocolate

Mid afternoon

Organic Herbal Tea


Raw Lasagne Raw Strawberry Cheesecake

Menu Sunday


Spicy oatmeal banana, berries with coconut cream

Mid morning

Herbal Tea


Raw Spaghetti with Sea Kelp & Cashew Dressing Raw Lime/Vanilla Cheesecake

Buffet Dinner

A selection of raw figure foods, raw soup, dips and delicious salads

Raw Red Bell Soup Raw Mini Tarts with Creme Fraiche Raw Crispy Tomatoes Raw Mini Tacos filled with raw vegan nut meat and guacamole Raw Almond Hummus with Raw Crackers Guacamole Raw Ravioli Raw Avocado Tabouli Salad Raw Thai Coconut Mango Salad Raw Apricot Short Cake

Menu Monday


Raw Chia Pudding with berries, cashew cream and Berry Coulis

All Food is Organic, Gluten Free, Raw, Vegan and Delicious and Lovingly Prepared.

If you have any more questions, please contact me on 0406 535 075


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