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Milestone 10 Years

Ten years ago 2010 the first edition of my book From Cancer to Wellness was launched here in Australia. This was after healing myself with a diagnosis of terminal melanoma in 2005. Another Milestone - that was 15 Years ago.

By February of 2010 my book became number 2 behind Eat Pray Love in the non-fiction section of Angus & Robertsons/Borders.

As a self published author this was a huge feat. Back then, we normally needed a publisher to make this happen. Today it is more about social media.

It all started with an interview with Jamie Dunn and Ian Calder in Brisbane radio 4BC.

After this interview the phones at the studio did not stop ringing for 2 days. People where rushing to the book stores all over Queensland to get a copy of the book. Angus & Robertson's took it national in all their stores. The health food stores where to follow.

I then, was invited onto seven's Today Tonight. This interview was to send the book to 2nd position behind the famous Eat Pray Love as I mentioned before.

After this for some time I had many radio, and television interviews. Newspapers and magazines ran my story.

I am most grateful for all the support I got from the media at the time. It has been somethings that was to save many lives.

Now ten years later my second edition is available. I have published with a company here in Australia - I just need to get the information out there about its availability. The book has been available during 2019 - 2020 is now the year for me to really put myself back out there in order to be support to others.

Technology allows us to buy either a paperback copy or a kindle version to read on our iPad's.

Personally I like the real thing, where I can highlight sections.

So what is different about my second edition?

  • I have expanded on the Candida Protocols - this is because many people would skip this bit which is not helpful. I have added a large allowable list of foods in this section and a list of foods to avoid to the 30 days of being on this protocol.

  • I updated some of the supplements - more Liposomals instead of capsules etc.

LIPOSOMAL (what is it?)

Using specialized technology, the Liposomal provides nutrients in nano-sized vesicles constructed of either a phospholipid bi-layer (for water-soluble nutrients with or without fat-soluble nutrients) or a phospholipid mono-layer (for fat-soluble nutrients).

These nano-sized liposome and nano-emulsion structures are readily absorbed via passive absorption across transmucosal membranes, bypassing the digestive system for direct and easier absorption. These specialized phospholipid vehicles fuse with cell membranes to deliver encapsulated compounds intracellularly.

  • I added more recipes including special Candida recipes.

  • I removed some of the organic skin care products and stuck only with Miessence as they are to me the best in the world and the company come from a high standard of integrity.

  • I also added testimonials - that was a wonderful part of being able to create the second edition. I was unable to add all the testimonials as that would require a book on it's own. Makes my heart sing.

  • I have added a bit more scientific information too.

  • I have included many answers to the questions I have been asked over the years when doing support work.

So as I go into 2020, I want to spend my time making sure that this book goes viral worldwide so more people are given the healing knowledge that was to save not only y life but the life of thousands already. As many of you will remember I want to be able to have a positive affect on 1 million people by the send of 2020. A big ask of myself and I know I cannot do it on my own.

I am going to invite each and everyone of you to help me make this happen.

Our body is amazing - we have the ability to heal given the right materials - as Hippocrates said, 'Let Thy Food Be They Medicine and Thy Medicine Be Thy Food. What an exact statement. Mind you we do have to follow certain protocols, especially to heal the gut first.

Exercise is also essential, breathing correctly etc. More about this in the book.

It is interesting that the current system with the medical industry is still looking for that quick cure of all disease. Millions is spent on research by the pharmaceutical companies and this horrifies me.

Ray D Strand MD wrote in this book 'What your doctor Doesn't Know About Nutritional Medicine Maybe Killing You' Published in 2002/2007:

We are organic mammals. What goes into our bodies must make up the organic material of which we are made. Yet, nutrition is not taught to most of the medical profession and, therefore, not considered to have any bearing on disease. Only 6 percent of doctors in the United States study nutrition at medical school, and then only as an elective. They are only taught about drugs.’

Joel Robbins - Health Through Nutrition states:

‘If you go to the doctor with a headache and the doctor provides you with a prescription for aspirin and the headache goes away, does this mean you have an aspirin mineral deficiency?’

The first step in combating cancer, or any other environmental disease, is to examine what the body is being fed each day and what it has been exposed to in the past.

‘Don’t be afraid to be healthy! As a physician, I am alarmed at the way Americans today are trained to be sick by misguided medical practices. You can improve your health dramatically by learning to trust and rely on your body’s own amazing healing powers.’

Dr Herbert Benson’s The Mind/Body Effect Published 1979: He was associate professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School and director of the Division of Behavioral Medicine at Boston’s Beth Israel Hospital.

It is rather amazing that Dr Benson wrote this in 1979, yet here we are still chasing hope instead of truth and faith.

It is the beginning of a new cycle for me. I have hung in there under enormous financial pressure over the years because I know it is what I was put on this planet for. I feel it is my Soul Purpose to share my knowledge and experience. I pray that you will also share my message to those of you who care about humanity and this planet.

Love and Light and welcome everyone to a new decade.

May The Light Shine from Your Heart to Make All the People Around You Happy.

Kristine S Matheson


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