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Harness the power of a healthy Christmas to have fun with realistic, and effective approaches.

Christmas does not have to be a time where you let loose and go back to harming your body with toxic foods, beverages and lifestyle habits.

We all want to enjoy Christmas and as a lover of good food, so do I. But I do watch what goes into my body to stay fit and should you!. Think before you eat.

Here are 10 tips to help you stay fit and healthy over the festive season.

1. Start you day with a couple of long glasses of water.

2. Eat fruit for breakfast- you can add some healthy cashew cream, or almond cream Miessence Berry Radical Anti-oxidant super-food, plus coconut oil etc.

3. Fill your pantry and refrigerator with healthy snacks, like nuts, dried fruit, raw hummus to have with some organic rice crackers or raw savoury crackers.

4. Find healthy versions of your favourite treats - like Raw Christmas Pudding with Raw Vegan Custard, Fruit Tarts and Raw Vegan Chocolates that taste amazing. You can find some amazing recipes in my Holistic Wellness Recipes book that can be download in a PDF for only $12.99.

5. Go easy on the alcohol and stay hydrated by drinking lots of water.

6. Exchange sugary toxic soft drinks and cordials with water and a piece of lemon or lime juice in it.

7. Take time out to relax - so important - listen to some music, read a book,

8. Gentle exercise before festivities that takes you close to nature is powerful - even if it is only 20 mins a day.

9. Being with those that light your fire, make you laugh and love you to bits is also powerful.

Practice giving the best gift of all - love. Take the time and energy to be there for your loved ones!

Raw Delights from my kitchen

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