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Are you continually fatigued?

In 1999 I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue. Unusual at the time because not many medical practitioners within Australia had a clue regarding Chronic Fatigue. I was lucky to find a doctor who specialised in it. Mind you - he, like many other holistic practitioners even today, do not have a clue about 'food as medicine'.

Armed with my diagnosis through previously suffering from Epstein Barr Virus, I was then able to at least get vitamin C infusions and go on a series of supplements. BUT, it still did not take away the constant tiredness. It improved it a little. My doctor at the time - lovely young man ended up with cancer and went to Mexico looking for a cure, still not aware of food as medicine and at the age of 36 passed away. Very sad. He left a wife who was pregnant and 3 other children behind. He was a very wonderful human being and a big loss to many.

I struggled along for many years. I kept working within the structures of the building company Wayne and I owned. I would leave work around 3.30 each day just to get a rest so I could prepare our evening meal.

Eventually after many years of constant tiredness that led to me not eating as well as I should - not enough raw foods etc, I developed cancer in 2005. Told I had only a short time to live by the oncologist. A turning point in my life!

Over the years prior to my cancer diagnosis, to keep myself up and running I would twice yearly go to a healing centre of some sort and do juicing and sleep a lot. After these little boosts of raw infusions in my body I would pick up. I did notice though when coming back to work and my life that I would start to go downhill again within a short period of time. I would start eating more cooked food and less my body would become acid.

When diagnosed with cancer I had to really take hold of the power within me and take steps to reverse my seem to be fated death.

One of the things that I noticed since creating the protocols that was to save my life within 5 months, is that it also gave me my energy back.

The Chronic Fatigue disappeared.

So what do you do if you lack energy to perform even the most simplest tasks?

First, you must get your gut health balanced - do not let a practitioner tell you that fruit is OK for the first month. In my book From Cancer to Wellness, I have an allowable list and a do not touch list that goes for only 30 days. Not very long to have to be without fruit. Secondly, I live off a 80% raw diet. I go on juices once a year for 10 days only. Mind you, when on my program there is a 28 day juice protocol followed by a lifestyle 80% raw protocol. NO, IT IS NOT HARD TO DO IF YOU ARE COMMITTED TO YOUR GOOD HEALTH AND LONGEVITY!

One of the reasons Wayne and I hold our retreats is to impart ways you too can live a healthy happy and productive lifestyle. Even those of you who say there is nothing wrong with you can benefit from this knowledge.

I am inviting you to take action and join us at our next retreat. Couples discounts are available. Past guest and pensioner discounts also available. So here is a bit about the retreat. We still have a couple of spots left.


"I believe Kristine and Wayne Matheson’s program should be compulsory for all beings on this planet to attend. This is how we should all be living if we are to raise ourselves to a higher conscious awareness. It has a focus on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual planes and puts us back into the driver’s seat of our own quality of life. A must for all". Michelle Jones-Wilkinson author 'Live Your Best Life'

Discover and participate in how to:

· Eliminate stress and anxiety – 5 minute techniques. · Increase natural energy, inspiration and vitality. · Derail food addictions that lead to disease and obesity – no fad diets. · Gain confidence to prepare quick, easy and nourishing gourmet meals for good health. · Stimulate mental alertness for success. · Improve your skin’s integrity. · Improve your digestion – no more stomach aches or bloating. · Become empowered to become successful. · Scientific dynamics of the mind, clarity of the mind, success & health. · Exercise for revitalising energy and life extension. · Overcome or prevent chronic disease permanently. · Increase your immunity. · Emotional healing techniques for mental balance and stability · Connect with your inner spirituality. · Easy anti-ageing protocols to gain an understanding of why ageing is a mistake?

All inclusive:

· All Organic Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner. · All luxury Beach Front Accommodation. · Educational Health Lectures. · Lifestyle and Wellness Training. · Stress Relief Techniques. · Mental Dynamics Health Education. · Physical/Emotional/Mental Healing Meditations. · Daily beach walks, functional movement techniques & Pilates/Tai chi. · Daily fitness classes including posture, loosening procedures, stretching and cardio. · Emotional Healing Techniques. · Food as medicine’ with Kristine Matheson · ‘Gut Health’ with Kristine Matheson.

These retreats are a unique experience, for those who value good health, education and learning, delicious nourishing food, and enlightening meditations.

“Hands down, the best retreat I have ever been to and I have been to many. It is a perfect combination of leisure, relaxation, educational immersion, and exceptional outstanding food! So many aspects to enjoy and just absorb in a healthy relaxed environment. Can’t wait to join another retreat”. Gabrielle Allen.

Find out about our incredible presenters on our website.


$1,550 (ask about couples discount)


Call Kristine or Wayne today we still have a few spots left.....just for you. Kristine 0406 535 075 Wayne 0406 533 075

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