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I have been asked by so many people over the years, why do we do what we do? Seems a strange question to me sometimes, as I am somewhat driven by passion and powered by good health.

I believe that real and meaningful change comes through the world's pioneers. I guess in a way we fit the bill.

Our purpose, like you and so many like minded people today is to create a healing presence in our community and the world-wide community that grows and accelerates our footprint so together we can make a huge impact into our own lives and those of others by achieving vitality and a new life full of possibilities.

This year we will be on the road more as guest speakers (ask me about speaking at your next event), seminar and workshop facilitators. We will focus too on the corporate world due to its high stress and high health issues.

I will be doing in-store book signings and talks for the second edition of my book From Cancer to Wellness: the forgotten secrets at selected Health Food Stores and bookshops. We want as many people as possible to get to really know us.

Last year we announced we would be not facilitating any more retreats in the near future. One should never say never. We will be running a couple this year now, due to many requests. Our location for these retreats will be on the Sunshine Coast - dates and venue to be confirmed soon.

Our 2019 retreats will be based on 80% raw food diet like the protocols in my book. 'Food As Medicine' has always been our mantra to prevent and survive cancer plus many other chronic illnesses. Not to mention a healthy way to loose weight, and get a clear head free of fogginess.

Life on our planet is short and we seem to forget this at times. So why do many suffer from a 'fools paradise way of life'. We must all find out what nourishes us, what makes us thrive and what to avoid in order to live a healthy, functional happy life.

We encourage you to explore with us the basic fundamentals that can and is lifesaving.

I also encourage each and everyone of you to make an investments in my book. Even if you have a copy of the first edition. It is only $38 (I have added $10 express postage and handling). It has not only been a lifesaver, it has been a step by step manual to those wishing to remain healthy.

If you want to have a wonderful sex life too - try using the protocols in the book to bring your sexy back.

At the age of 68, I am still vital and have more energy than people half my age. So I must be doing something right. Join me and happily challenge yourself to create a better world for you and your family.

I send each and everyone many heartfelt blessings.

Kristine S Matheson My Wealth is My Health.

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