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Wayne Matheson

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It is with great sadness and overwhelming sorrow that I inform you that my beautiful husband/Soulmate and partner Wayne passed away on 8th August, 2021 from a massive brain bleed caused by a blood thinner prescribed by his cardiologist in January after Wayne had suffered from an invasive staph infection that led to him having atrial fibrillation.  Anyone that knows Wayne and I well would understand our hesitancy in him taking this drug.  But we went along with it until we investigated more.  As the months passed we noticed changes in Wayne that where not good.  I organized a meeting with a neurologist that was to take place on the 17th August.  It was too late, the blood thinner took his life.

We even met back with the cardiologist 4 days before his passing with our concerns.  He was so insistent that we did not stop the blood thinner with the view Wayne might have a blood clot.

He knew Wayne's dietary intake and his fitness regime.  He was always in support of Wayne not taking medical drugs.  Wayne took supplements and heaps of ginger etc.  I questioned the specialist with my concerns for him taking this drug in combination with all the natural therapy.  He was still so insistent.  


Wayne had over 40 years’ experience as a health wellness and anti-ageing educator and seminar presenter. He was a cancer survivor having being diagnosed with testicular cancer in 1980 and overcoming this using only food, meditation and exercise as his medicine.

He was a registered Level 3 Advanced Exercise professional (Fitness Australia) and specialized in the area of rehabilitation and injury prevention.

2010 he developed and safe whole body resistance tubing workout program that he put on DVD's.  I will be uploading some of these on YouTube.

His 40 years’ experience in meditation and the study of the Ancient Wisdom and Mysteries gave Wayne the unique ability to bring down in simple language ‘the forgotten secrets’ of  spiritual healing.  He will be missed greatly, by not only me but to all he came in contact with.  

I know he is looking over us all.  

My grief is overwhelming at this time.  I am not sure if I will ever get over his passing.  All I can do is continue on with the work we both set out to do after I overcame terminal cancer in 2005.

Blessings to everyone.

Kristine Matheson

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